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Uninsured DC residents can enroll now through a special enrollment period. Window shopping for 2022 health plans is now open through Oct 31. Preview 2022 health plans now. If you work for a small business with health insurance on DC Health Link, enroll now.

Small Business Health Insurance

Offering Coverage

To start offering coverage to your employees on DC Health Link, you must meet all of these requirements:

Offer coverage to all full-time employees;

Be either:

  • Headquartered in the District of Columbia.
  • Offer coverage to all full-time employees who have a primary worksite in the District of Columbia.
Have at least one non-owner employee enroll in health coverage through DC Health Link.
Have at least two-thirds of employees either enroll in coverage through DC Health Link or waive coverage (if they have other qualifying coverage). This is called minimum participation.*
Cover at least 50 percent of employees' premium costs. This is called minimum contribution.*

*DC Health Link has waived minimum participation and contribution requirements through December 2022. To offer group coverage to your employees, you do not have to meet minimum participation and contribution requirements.

If you have questions about these qualifications, you can get expert help from a Broker at no cost to you. Find a Broker