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'The Body Is a Temple and It Must Be Insured,' Is the Local Faith Based Message During This National Faith Weekend of Action

Sunday, March 23, 2014
Local places of worship open their doors to uninsured DC residents during the final enrollment push

WHAT/WHO: With only 8 days left before the health insurance deadline, DC Health Link (DCHL) and local places of worship help celebrate President Obama’s National Faith Weekend of Action (March 22-23) initiative to enroll residents, small businesses and their employees in health insurance coverage.

In the spirit of President Obama’s nation-wide faith effort, DCHL continues to partner with the faith based community to provide opportunities for enrollment in health coverage this Sunday at places of worship throughout the city.   

More than 100 faith based institutions and organizations in the District have joined DCHL in ensuring that District consumers do not miss the March 31 deadline and are not subjected to tax penalties.

Today, residents will have the chance to avoid the tax penalty, get information about health insurance plans, find out if they quality for special rates to reduce insurance premiums, and get assistance with the enrollment process. DC Health Link certified assisters and licensed health insurance brokers will be available at each faith based enrollment event.

Residents can also enroll next Sunday, March 30 from 9:30 am – 3 pm, the last day before the March 31 deadline at the DC Health Link Faith’s Faith Based Final Curtain Call Enrollment Event at Nineteenth Street Baptist Church – 4606 16th Street, NW. A special service and enrollment opportunity will take place.

BACKGROUND: The new health law provides individuals, families, and small businesses in the of Columbia with new options for quality, affordable health insurance. DC Health Link is the District’s online health insurance marketplace that allows visitors to shop, compare, and buy coverage that fits their needs and budgets.

Eligible residents have until March 31, 2014, to enroll in a health insurance plan through Those who enroll by March 31, 2014, will have benefits effective May 1, 2014. Small businesses can enroll through at any point.

The local faith based community has been an integral part of DC Health Link’s outreach efforts to educate and enroll District residents, small businesses and their employees in quality, affordable health insurance plans. The active engagement of the faith community has inspired hundreds of District consumers to heed the call for health insurance and enroll in health insurance plans. Faith leaders are being asked to share information from their pulpits about the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and quality, affordable health plans offered through

View locations on the PDF below.