DC Health Link Goes into Overtime Giving Residents Another Chance to Enroll in Quality Affordable Health Insurance for 2019

DC Health Link to connect with District football fans on Super Bowl Sunday through pizza delivery and social media to remind them about extended February 6th deadline

DC’s Open Enrollment deadline is now February 6th, and DC Health Link is using this overtime period to inform DC residents on Super Bowl Sunday that there is still time to get enrolled in quality, affordable health coverage. Because Super Bowl Sunday is the biggest day of the year for takeout pizza, DC Health Link is taking the innovative approach of reaching football fans in the District—through pizza delivery box ads!

RedRocks, a firebrick pizzeria with locations in DC, is partnering with DC Health Link at its H Street and Columbia Heights restaurants to place fliers on their pizza delivery boxes to inform residents about the additional time for enrollment. With the new deadline, residents now have until Wednesday, February 6th to enroll in 2019 health insurance coverage.

Additionally, DC Health Link will be launching a social media campaign on Super Social Sunday to connect with DC football fans and remind them about the extended enrollment deadline. For details, follow DC Health Link on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @DCHealthLink.



Super Bowl Sunday, February 3, 2019 – 12:00pm – 6:00pm
RedRocks H Street - 1348 H Street, NE
RedRocks Columbia Heights - 1036 Park Road, NW



The Affordable Care Act provides individuals, families, and small businesses in the District of Columbia with affordable options for quality health insurance. DC Health Link is the District’s online health insurance marketplace which allows visitors to shop, compare, and enroll in coverage that fits their needs and budgets.

Open Enrollment for individuals and families began November 1, 2018 and ends February 6, 2019. There are 25 private health insurance options from CareFirst Blue Cross Blue Shield and Kaiser Permanente for individuals and families. Eligible District residents can enroll in a health insurance plan online through DCHealthLink.com or by calling (855) 532-LINK [5465]. Small businesses—as well as individuals and families eligible for Medicaid—can enroll through DCHealthLink.com at any point.

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