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Individual and Family Health Insurance


District of Columbia Medicaid is a joint federal-state health insurance program that provides health care coverage to low-income and disabled adults, children and families. To be eligible for DC Medicaid, you must be a resident of the District of Columbia and must meet non-financial and financial eligibility requirements. Medicaid covers many services, including doctor visits, hospital care, prescription drugs, mental health services, transportation and many other services at little or no cost to the individual. Currently, one out of every three District residents receives quality health care coverage through the Medicaid program.

Individuals without dependent children (childless adults), parents/caretaker relatives, children up to age 21, and pregnant women can submit a DC Health Link application for financial assistance to pay for health coverage to be screened and determined eligible for Medicaid if all eligibility factors are met.

What are some of the services covered by Medicaid?

  • Doctor visits
  • Hospitalization
  • Eye care
  • Ambulatory surgical center
  • Medically necessary transportation
  • Dental services and related treatment
  • Dialysis services
  • Durable medical equipment
  • Emergency ambulance services
  • Hospice services
  • Laboratory services
  • Radiology
  • Medical supplies
  • Mental health services
  • Physician services
  • Nurse practitioner services
  • Transplants (Liver, Heart, Kidney, and Allogeneic Bone Marrow transplantation)

How to Enroll

You can enroll in Medicaid at any time during the year by completing an application for financial assistance to see if you qualify. Individuals who are eligible for Medicaid will be sent an enrollment packet. If you are eligible for Medicaid, Medicaid may pay for certain covered out-of-pocket medical expenses.

Learn more about Medicaid in our FAQs section.