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Welcome to DC's Health Insurance Marketplace

Important Enrollment Information

Private Insurance Open enrollment is over. You can still enroll in coverage for 2015 if you qualify for a special enrollment period. Click here to learn how to apply for a special enrollment period.

If you do not qualify for any other special enrollment period and enroll in a plan between March 15 and April 30, you are attesting that you or someone in your tax household either (1) had to pay a penalty on your 2014 taxes for going without health insurance, or (2) filed your 2014 taxes after February 15, 2015 and were unaware of the tax penalty for going without health insurance until you filed. If you have any questions, call DC Health Link at 1-855-532-5465.
Medicaid You can enroll in Medicaid at any time during the year by completing an application for financial assistance to see if you qualify. Individuals who are eligible for Medicaid will be sent an enrollment packet. If you are eligible for Medicaid, Medicaid may pay for certain covered out-of-pocket medical expenses. Learn more about Medicaid and out-of-pocket medical expenses.
Small Businesses Employers can sign up to offer health insurance to their employees at any time throughout the year. For employers needing assistance, we recommend working with a broker (at no additional cost to you or your employees). Brokers can help you through the application process, help your employees enroll, and then continue to support you as your advocate and insurance advisor throughout the year.
Employees Employees enrolling in coverage offered by their employer through DC Health Link can enroll during the open enrollment period established by their employer, whenever that occurs during the year. Employees can enroll outside of their employer's open enrollment period ONLY if you are a newly-hired employee, or if you experience a qualifying life event such as marriage, birth, adoption, or losing eligibility for other health insurance coverage.
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