Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can religious organizations offer coverage to their employees through DC Health Link that excludes coverage for contraceptives?

Yes. Certain non-profit religious organizations that have religious objections to offering contraceptives coverage can apply for an exemption in order to avoid contracting, arranging, paying, or referring for contraceptive coverage. Enrollees in the eligible organization's health plan will still have access to no cost contraceptive services through direct payments by the health insurance company. There is no additional cost to the enrollees to receive coverage of contraceptives services directly from the health insurance company.

To apply for a religious exemption to offering contraceptives coverage, non-profit religious organizations should enroll in DC Health Link just as any other small business. Once the group's enrollment is completed and the first premium payment has been made, the organization must submit the Certification Form for Eligible Organizations directly to each health insurance company offering plans to its employees. The health insurance company will make the necessary modifications to the employer's health plan offerings.

For more information on this exemption for non-profit religious organizations, please refer to the Women’s Preventive Services Fact Sheet or view the federal regulations.