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Each One LINK One
Outreach and Enrollment Campaign


As a result of the implementation of President Barack Obama’s landmark heath reform legislation, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), DC Health Link was successfully launched as the District’s first health insurance marketplace for individuals, families and small businesses on October 1, 2013. Since that time, over 130,000 consumers have enrolled in affordable, quality health insurance in the District of Columbia.

Through specially crafted messaging and outreach strategies, DCHBX has developed and implemented a branding campaign to inform the public about the mission, goal and purposes of DC Health Link. The approach to engage, educate and enroll consumers was previously predicated on the mantra, “to meet them where they live, where they work, where they shop, where they play and where they pray!”

During the upcoming third open enrollment season, the charge “Getting to Zero” has been identified as a citywide call to action for residents to work together towards the common goal of achieving universal health coverage in the District of Columbia. The new Each One LINK One campaign has been developed as a central component of the outreach strategy. The campaign will encompass a multifaceted, hyper-local outreach approach designed to assist in outreach efforts targeting the goal for the third open enrollment period to reach the remaining 3.0 percent uninsured in the District of Columbia towards universal coverage.

Program Overview

DC Health Link (DCHL)’s Each One LINK One is a high profile Call-to-Action citywide campaign that will be launched during the third open enrollment period. The Each One LINK One campaign is designed to engage the public in supporting DC Health Link’s efforts to enroll the remaining hard-to reach uninsured in affordable health insurance through the District’s online health insurance marketplace and to achieve the goal of universal health insurance for all. It is predicated on the assumption that people know at least one person who may be uninsured, the campaign is calling on residents to reach out to their family members first and then their friends, neighbors, and colleagues to encourage those they care about to enroll in affordable quality health insurance through DC Health Link (DCHL).

Participants in the Each One LINK One campaign will be designated as DC Health Link Linkers and will be a part of the Friends of DC Health Link program as they become the LINK to helping get those they care about to enroll in health insurance. This contingency of DCHL ambassadors will also request the support of recent enrollees, key spokespersons, external support organizations, business partners, assisters and faith ministries to facilitate outreach to the community.

Goals and Objectives

From October 1, 2013 to October 16, 2015, 173,090 people have enrolled in health insurance coverage through DC Health Link in private insurance or Medicaid:

  • 25,702 people enrolled in a private qualified health plan,
  • 125,261 people have been determined eligible for Medicaid, and
  • 22,127 people enrolled through the DC Health Link small business marketplace (includes Congressional enrollment)

The District of Columbia has been determined to have the 3rd lowest uninsured rate in the nation. While this is good news, it also indicates that the remaining uninsured will be among the hardest to reach populations this enrollment period. DCHL will need the help of the entire DC community as a partner in its outreach to the remaining uninsured.

The primary objectives of the Each One LINK One campaign will be to get residents involved to:

  • HELP IDENTIFY the remaining uninsured they know (family member, neighbor, friend, or colleague)
  • BECOME THE LINK between the uninsured and DC Health Link
  • SHARE INFORMATION with the identified uninsured about the benefits of quality and affordable health insurance coverage though DC Health Link including FRFEE one-on-one in person assistance and financial help with premium payments
  • DIRECT THE UNINSURED TO ENROLLMENT OPPORTUNITIES to enroll at or take them to an enrollment event
  • CHECK BACK AND FOLLOW UP to make sure your referral has actually enrolled or need help with enrollment.


The campaign will employ multiple tactics to first engage the community and then enlist its support as a partner to spread the word and help others get coverage. The intended audiences to support the campaign include:

Community Partnership
  • District Residents
  • Faith Based partners
  • Friends, neighbors, colleagues and family of District residents
  • Other government agencies
  • Mayor’s office on Community Affairs (MOCA)
  • Current DCHL Enrollees
  • Recent DCHL Enrollees
  • Faith Based Partners
  • IPA organizations and Navigators
  • Community Health Centers
  • Local retails and businesses
  • Assisters and Brokers
  • Small Business DCHL Enrollees
  • DCHL Business Partners
    • - Greater Washington Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
    • - DC Chamber of Commerce
    • - Restaurant Association of Metropolitan Washington

The strategies to be employed to launch and promote the campaign will include:

A. Launch at the SUNDAY, November 1st 3rd Open Enrollment Kickoff Events

  • Faith Based Kickoff “Faith-in-Action: From the Pulpit to the Pews” at Union Temple Baptist Church
  • 3rd Annual Information and Enrollment Fair at Martin Luther King, Jr. Public Library

B. Media Outreach and Advertisement

  • Advertisement
    • - Full page ad in Washington Post
    • - Radio ads
    • - Media Tour
    • - Story Placement
    • - Poster at strategic locations
  • Community Engagement /Community Outreach
    • - Meetings/conference calls with neighborhood groups – ANC’s etc.
    • - Neighborhood Canvasing (posters)
    • - Rack cards distribution
    • - Volunteer corps assistance
    • - Specifically designed campaign collateral
  • Social Media Campaign
    • - #EachOneLINKOne
    • - Secure local youth to develop related rap for internet release/campaign promotion
  • Earned Media Outreach
    • - Campaign promotion at citywide and special enrollment events
    • - Pitching of related stories about Each One LINK one campaign efforts and successes
    • - Promote campaign tag line in Weekend calendar/event postings in newspaper
  • Campaign Rollout at Open Enrollment Kickoff
    • - Promotional items/giveaways
    • - Motivational speaker
    • - Campaign pledge
    • - Identify/explain steps of action
    • - Incorporate in faith-based speaker address
    • - Local rap performance

Implementing the Campaign

The specific methods DC Health Linkers will use to best facilitate enrollment assistance are outlined here below:

  • How to Get Involved
    • - You can get involved in the Each One LINK One campaign by becoming a DC HealthLINKer, a supporter who identifies an uninsured family, friend or neighbor and links them to getting enrolled in affordable quality health care.
    • - Develop DC Health Link Each One LINK One Toolkit that will outline specific steps to take and resources to use that will help support consumer outreach and enrollment
    • - Each One Link One information reference card that outlines steps to support enrollment
  • How Can I Support?
    • - Identify an unissued person you know
    • - Speak with the identified uninsured (neighbors, colleagues, friends and family member) to encourage their enrollment in a health insurance plan
    • - Explain the benefits of obtaining quality affordable health insurance coverage
    • - Take them to events that provide enrollment opportunities
    • - Provide information about upcoming events (calendar)
    • - Give them information about enrollment centers (location and hours of operation)
    • - Encourage them to visit to sign up and join the campaign
  • What Resources are Available?
    • - Once you sign up, you will receive a tool kit
    • - You will be identified as a DC Health Linker
    • - Program participants will be designated as a Friend of DC Health Link
    • - Multiple levels of “Linking” will be established
    • - Online Calendar
  • Following the Campaign
    • - Participants will be tracked and publically acknowledged
    • - Special recognition will be awarded to top contributors during season end event