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For Assisters


Assisters include all DC Health Link Certified trained experts who provide in-person assistance to consumers, whether they are In-Person Assisters (IPAs), Navigators or Certified Application Counselors (CACs). All Assisters have been trained to help consumers navigate the DC Health Link website. They focus on helping individuals and families determine their eligibility for coverage and federal tax credits, review available health insurance options, and enroll in a plan. Assisters and their respective organizations play an essential role in the success of DC Health Link, helping individuals and families enroll in quality coverage that meets their unique needs.

DC Health Link Assister Organizations:

  • Leadership Council for Healthy Communities
  • Community of Hope
  • La Clinica del Pueblo
  • Mary’s Center for Maternal and Child Care
  • Unity Health Care
  • Whitman-Walker Health

DC Health Link Navigator Organizations:

  • DC Primary Care Association
  • Whitman-Walker Health

DC Health Link Designated Certified Application Counselor (CAC) Organizations:

  • Calvary Healthcare
  • DC Consortium
  • Elaine Ellis Center
  • Family and Medical Counseling Service
  • La Clinica del Pueblo
  • Mary’s Center
  • Unity Health Care
  • Us Helping Us
  • Whitman-Walker Health
  • MBI Health Services LLC
  • George Washington university Hospital
  • Howard University Hospital
  • Providence Hospital
  • Sibley Memorial Hospital
  • DECO
  • Green Door
  • Georgetown HOYA Clinic
  • Psychiatric Institute of Washington
  • ROI Eligibility Services LLD