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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If I am terminating the plan I purchased, does my coverage have to end at the end of a month?

If I end my plan part way through a month, will my premium be prorated?

If I terminate my plan and then change my mind or decide I need insurance again, when can I re-enroll?

Why can't I terminate my coverage earlier?

Are Alliance beneficiaries eligible for private plans through DC Health Link? Can they get premium tax credits and cost sharing reductions?

Are there exceptional circumstances that would make me eligible for a special enrollment period?

Are there health insurance options for residents who are not eligible for most programs due to immigration status?

Are there special circumstances that would allow me to change my plan during the year, or enroll outside of the open enrollment period?

Can I buy coverage if I and my family don't qualify for help paying for health coverage?

Can I choose to get mailed or electronic notices from DC Health Link?

Can I enroll in a private health plan through DC Health Link if I am eligible for Medicare?

Can I enroll in dental coverage through DC Health Link if I am eligible for Medicare?

Can I get help if I am in the middle of an application and get stuck or have questions?

Can I get my coverage reinstated if it was cancelled or terminated?

Can I still enroll in an individual or family health plan for the remainder of 2017?

Can some people in my family apply for financial assistance while others apply for health coverage without assistance?

Can someone else complete the DC Health Link application for me?

Do I need a lawyer to complete the appeal process?

Does listing a person on the application for health coverage mean that they are applying for health coverage?

Does the online application have to be completed all at once?

During open enrollment, when do I have to select a plan, and when will my plan take effect?

How can I find out if I and my family members are eligible for health coverage or help paying for health coverage?

How can I set up an email address if I don’t have one?

How do I appeal an eligibility decision I disagree with?

How do I file a complaint?

How do I file an appeal?

How do I make a payment for my health/dental insurance?

How do I pay for my health or dental insurance electronically (auto-pay)?

How do I report a change in my household?

How do I search for a broker or an Assister?

How does the appeal process work for individuals and families?

How often can I change my plan?

I have a temporary visa (for example, a G visa) and live in the District. Do I meet the residency requirements to enroll in a plan through DC Health Link?

I qualified for special enrollment and enrolled in a private health plan through DC Health Link that wasn’t sponsored by my employer. What do I need to do to sign up for coverage next year?

I tried completing an application and get a screen telling me to call an Administrator and another phone number for the Economic Security Administration (ESA). What should I do?

I want to terminate the plan I purchased (not through my employer) on DC Health Link. What do I need to do to terminate my plan?

I'm signing up for a private health plan during open enrollment and want my coverage to start on January 1st. What's the deadline for selecting a plan and making my first premium payment?

If I am self-employed, what expenses can I subtract from my gross income to get my net self-employment income?

If I buy a plan on DC Health Link, will I still be able to go to my same doctors?

If I get a special enrollment period because I have lost or am about to lose other health coverage, when will my coverage start?

If I have insurance through my employer, will I have to change plans?

If I receive scholarships for school, do I need to include my scholarships in my income when filling out the application for health coverage for myself and my family?

In my DC Health Link application, can I exclude from my income deductions I take on my taxes for things like home mortgage interest that I do not see listed on the application?

I’m enrolled in a private health plan through DC Health Link. What do I need to do to renew my plan and by when?

What are cost-sharing reductions?

What are premium tax credits?

What do I do if I can’t pay my premium this month?

What do I do if I haven’t received my monthly invoice in the mail or it doesn’t show up on my credit card statement?

What do I do if I pay by credit card and my card has been stolen or cancelled or has an updated expiration date?

What do I do if my address or income changes?

What do I need to do if I have DC Healthcare Alliance already?

What do I need to do if I have health coverage from my own job or the job of a family member?

What do I need to do to renew my plan?

What does it mean when my information could not be verified at the end of my DC Health Link application?

What happens to my eligibility while I appeal?

What immigration statuses are considered "eligible immigration statuses" for private health coverage through DC Health Link?

What information do I need to provide to complete an application for individual and family coverage?

What is Modified Adjusted Gross Income?

What is the difference between applying for health insurance with financial assistance and without financial assistance?

What is the penalty for not having health coverage?